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Do you have a trailer or a van?

No, your groomer will conduct all grooming services inside the home, where pets are most comfortable.  You will never have to worry how your pup is doing as you can view the entire process.

Will my house be full of hair and fur?

Your groomer will clean as they go, so most of the clippings are collected as they go.  The utilized area will be vacuumed/cleaned when the grooming session is complete.  However, it does take a few hours for fine blown hair to completely settle, but as much hair as possible will be contained.

Do you require vaccinations?

Yes, Clean Puppies requires a current rabies vaccinations within the last two years.  If you have a pet that has a medical condition that precludes vaccinations, we require a note from your veterinarian on official letterhead.  Unvaccinated dogs will only be eligible for the last appointment slot of the day.

How long does a session take?

Most appointments can take 60-90 minutes. This is of course based on your puppy's temperament and coat condition, times can vary. Your groomer will work as efficiently as possible...but safety, a comfortable puppy, and quality work is very important to us, so your groomer will never rush.

Will I need to provide anything for the grooming appointment?

All your groomer need is a suitable place to groom your puppy next to an outlet, a place to bathe your puppy, (i.e. utility sink, kitchen sink, bath tub..) water, and your groomer will take care of the rest!

My dog is known to be a biter during that ok?

Aggressive dogs are generally best to be done under supervision of a veterinarian, but if it does not pose a safety concern for the dog or for the groomer, an attempt will be made to groom your dog.  Your groomer may need to use muzzles, e-collars, and leashes for everyone's safety.  If you know dog bites, or if they have a history of biting, you MUST be upfront with your groomer.  Failure to do so may hold you liable for any bites/injury to the groomer.  If your groomer deems your dog to be too stressed or too aggressive to be groomed, they will STOP grooming the pet and return them to you at whatever point during the groom.  You are also responsible for still paying the travel fee.

What forms of payments do you take, and do you accept tips?

We take cash and all major credit cards.  If you choose to pay with cash, we do not carry change due to safety reasons.  We do accept tips, and are greatly appreciated!

Do you have a weight limit on dogs you groom?

We can groom dogs that weigh up to 50 pounds.

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