Veterinary Medical Care for your doggie: Financial aid and other options

We all know pet ownership can be extremely expensive! Its not the chewing of shoes, or the high possibility of losing your security deposit if you're renting an apartment. The most expensive element of owning a pet is veterinary care.

A cute puppy face can force you to quickly forget that caring for a puppy is the closest thing to caring for a child. They will not only need food, water, consistent care and attention, they will also need to go to the doctor on a regular basis to maintain optimal health. Although veterinary care can come with a hefty bill, it's a horrible feeling seeing your fur baby not feeling well. The cost of caring for a pup can be a major decision with deciding to add a new pet to the family, but there are options! There are some affordable ways to curb the cost of medical treatment for your pup.

Stand Alone/Private Practice

While I personally love the standard stand alone/private practice Veterinarians, they can be a bit pricy. But what many pet owners don't realize is that pet insurance is actually a thing! You can get pet insurance for medical care, where you pay the cost up front, submit the bill for services, and receive a reimbursement of all or part of the cost of care. Many well known companies that we use for car and home insurance, have pet insurance options as well! You can check them out, or see if your job's benefits package offers pet coverage at a discounted rate.

Banfield Animal Hospital

Another great option is Banfield, a Veterinary clinic that is well known to be located within Petsmart stores. Some people may not be a fan of the corporate styled Veterinary clinics, but I personally and many of my clients have benefited from them as a pet owner on a budget. The best part about Banfield, is they have a few different wellness plans you can choose from based off of your pup's needs at a very reasonable price. Most of the packages include a check-up twice a year with vaccinations, teeth cleaning, and a number of other test that can check for common parasites and diseases. Even if you need to bring your pup in for emergency care, you get a discount off of the medications and other services if needed! You are required to keep your plan for 12-concecutive months, but you pay a low monthly fee to make sure your pup has medical coverage. Can't go wrong with that!

Financial Assistance

Sometimes, pups get severely injured or sick where they will need major surgery, or long term care, which can be costly. Unfortunately, the average pet owner cannot afford to pay for medical care, in turn will think their only option is releasing pets to shelters, or in extreme cases, euthanasia. Their are many non-profit organizations that will cover the cost of medical care for pets on an as needed basis. Check out the following link:,

where you can find a database of organizations listed by state, along with their requirements, and what medical conditions and costs they will cover. Make sure you read through the requirements carefully to see if you and your pup qualify for their assistance.

Although we recognize that caring for a dog is very expensive, you now know that cost doesn't have to be a deciding factor in whether or not you will get a new pup for your family, and you don't have to give up your beloved pet if they are ill and require extensive medical care. Check out those options even if you already own a pet, it could save you some big bucks!

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